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Wind Maker

Wind Maker

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Wind Maker

6inch x 1 1/2inch with 1 1/2 Cuff opening

14k Gold,Sterling silver, Morenci, Turquoise, Cerrillos  Turquoise

 156 grams total weight

Wind Maker bracelet is made to represent the wind. The wind moves everything around. Hurricanes and tornadoes, those are the strong winds that come from the wind. They bring destruction and can change the landscape, this is how powerful is the wind can be. The wind also pushes the rain and brings life to our farms. These are blessings that the creator brings. It is adorned with turquoise arrowheads to point the direction of the storm.

On the front, there are two figures that are blowing the wind in the middle. It shows the wind turning into a hurricane. The turquoise is Morenci and Cerrillos turquoise acquired 30 years ago. This is a one-of-a-kind bracelet. It is very heavy at 150 g.

Made from Tufa casting, which means silver poured into volcanic ash. Made in the old jewelry, fashion way.

This is a large(Large Male wrist) and heavy bracelet made to last lifetimes.  

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