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Chrisjohn ndn arts

Tri-Star Hummingbird earrings

Tri-Star Hummingbird earrings

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*Each earring* 

H ~ 1.8in x 6 inches

W ~ 6.9 grams

 925 Sterling Silver 


 Chrisjohn Indian Arts would like to present the Star line. Our people have watched the stars for thousands of years. We decorate with them and right now this is a popular design.


This is a lightweight yet sturdy pair of earrings that are made to wear comfortably. Large at Six inches long and just at 7.0 grams you will be able to wear all day long.


The three Star sizes represent the generations. Once aligned brings balance to the wearer. This is how we passed information to the next generation. The star also represents our ancestors. We believe that everything come from the stars and we are just part of a larger people from outside this universe.


On the bottom is the Hummingbird. A sacred animal which brings harmony, devotion and love together thru wisdom.  Small and resilient the strength makes this bird a protector.


Together these symbols are meant to bring good fortune and protection to the wearer.  Bring balance to chaos. Bring joy to sadness. These are what makes these so special of a creation.



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