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Textured Teepee Pendant

Textured Teepee Pendant

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Textured Teepee Pendant

Size 2 3/4 inch x 1.1inch wide

Sterling Silver

This is a TeePee design that is part of the series Native Housing series. The teepee was used as housing by the Northern Plains Indians. Practical for moving as it can’t take just minutes to set up and take down. Plains tribes would travel to better hunting grounds and also have different areas to spend different seasons. This Is important as the house is a representation for family. The TeePee could withstand any storms, if prepared correctly. These are some of the important reasons why the house is important to the plains tribes. 

This was made in the old way of casting jewelry. First, the tufa stone is carved, and then molten silver is poured into the mold. The Tufa Stone is compressed volcanic ash that has been aged for hundreds of thousands of years. This technique was developed in the southwest area. 


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