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Stamped Naja Ring

Stamped Naja Ring

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Stamped Naja Ring

Size: 8

Weight 7.2 grams

The Naja Symbol is to ward off “The Evil Eye” This pertains to jealousy envy and hate as we journey thru this life. As we grow as a person we need protections from all aspects physical and metaphysical. This is an old symbol which is also used in Squash Blossoms as the bottom part sometimes decorated in turquoise. 

‘’The ring shank is hand stamped with the Unity symbol also called the “Medicine Wheel” . This is a symbol that is popular among Native Americans as it symbolizes not only unity among nations but healing. Healing when used and worn as a symbol of solidarity with another nation. 

The Naja symbol was made in the archaic way of making jewelry called the Tufa Cast method. This is by carving volcanic ash called Tufa and then pouring the molten silver into the carved stone. 

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