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Lacrosse Lightning Stick

Lacrosse Lightning Stick

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Lacrosse Lightning Stick 

2.7in x 1in 

W ~ 9.2

925 Sterling Silver 

America's oldest team sport, dates to 1100 A.D., when it was played by the Haudenosaunee, or Iroquois people, in what now is New York and areas in Canada bordering the state.

The early versions of lacrosse matches played by Native American nations included 100 to 1,000 men or more using wooden sticks, sometimes with net baskets or pockets attached, and small, deer hide-wrapped balls. Borderless fields could span miles, and games could last days.

Oral traditions cite the first lacrosse game played between birds and mammals. Some Native Americans believe the sport was a gift from the Creator to be used for enjoyment and as medicine. 

Players would decorate their sticks to mimic their strength.  The decoration of lightning would stand for strength, speed and agility just like the lightning when it strikes. 

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