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Kissing Otters

Kissing Otters

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Kissing Otters

3 1/4inch x 1 1/2inch


.925 Sterling Silver 

The Otter is a animal that honored amongst the Native American Tribes. The attributes such as family connection, creativity, protection are important attributes that are coveted in Native American culture. The Otter also is a symbol for a clan system in Florida. The adaptability being able to travel and live in both the water world and the earth world are also very important. Playfulness loyalty, affection creativity are what makes the Otter a what symbol of good luck.
This Kissing Otter design was created by Steven Sr. In 2010 and is used in this Sterling Silver pendant. This is textured from the Tufa Cast Technique that is carved compressed volcanic ash. The silver is melted and then poured into this mold, creating this piece.  You can see the sand that naturally textures the metal. This is an old form of jewelry making.

Sidenote: This is not a light pendant and will need a quality chain to wear this. The top has a large enough opening to fit through most classes, so feel free and knowing that most chains will fit this pendant. 

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