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Hand Stamped Basket Design

Hand Stamped Basket Design

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Hand Stamped Basket Design

Size 2.5inch wide 

Cuff 1.25opening (Approximately Small man’s / lLarge woman Cuff)

Weight: 50grams 

.925 Sterling Silver 

This is the eastern woodland basket design. This design would go at the rim of baskets and pottery. It is a repeated design that symbolizes unity and balance.  This is made from 20 gauge Sterling silver, and is stamped on both sides of the metal. Inside design is the Chrisjohn signature stamp repeatedly stamped.  Both stamps are designed by us and has become In our design work.

The cuff is shaped to fit the form of your wrist. It has a reverse curve that is made for comfort. This can be used even as a dangle as the gauge is light enough to close. The gap once fitted on any wrist.  

The bracelet can be designed to fit any wrist must inquire on Facebook so we can discuss. 

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