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Christmas Inspired Turtle Necklace

Christmas Inspired Turtle Necklace

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Christmas Inspired Turtle Necklace

Length: 30 inches

This is a Christmas inspired necklace that uses the imitation pearls and flower designs. The centerpiece is a small little turtle that can be seen in the close-up pictures. This is a Christmas color theme necklace because the holidays is our favorite time of the year. This utilizes the green, white and red color patterns and is accented by some other metal findings to bring out the colors of the beach.

Turning point designs is beadwork created by Tamaya Chrisjohn   This is a collection of necklaces and bracelets designed by a young artist at the age of twelve. This is her way of expressing herself thru her beadwork. She wishes to bring happiness and joyfulness by the designs of her beads.  Sometimes she also gets to express her self through charms, such as the heart, the butterfly, and other designs to make bring beauty to her beadwork.

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