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Butterfly Pendant

Butterfly Pendant

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Butterfly Pendant

1.1inch tall x 1 inch wide

Weight 6.9 grams

Sterling Silver


The butterfly is a transformational being. It starts out as a caterpillar, and then turns into the beautiful butterfly. Tribal peoples, have been utilizing the butterfly as a symbol of protection and strength while going through changes. Butterfly. Butterflies as they are flying, look like they are dancing in the wind.

Native dancers utilize this symbol to bring strength and cheerfulness when dancing. Butterflies are a social species and are a representation of togetherness.

This was made by pouring silver into a two Tufa Mold. This is the archaic way of jewelry making by carving out volcanic ash(Tufa Stone). After being carved, the silver is melted, and then poured into the stone to make the butterfly.




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