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BigStar Hummingbird  earrings

BigStar Hummingbird  earrings

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*Each earring* 

H ~1.8” x 2.5”

W~ 3.8g

.925 Sterling Silver 

Big Star is a light weight design to bring the most size but not at the expense of weighing your ears down. Comfortably balanced the earrings are designed to be worn all day long without fatigue. 

The Star is larger then life and is suppose to give strength and stability to the wearer. The world has always use the stars to travel long distances to keep them on track. The hummingbird on the bottom is a symbol of wisdom and endurance.  With both symbols represented these are protections for how we navigate life’s paths. The hummingbirds will give you wisdom and strength, while the star gives you the direction and the path that you will journey. 

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