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Hand Stamped Pottery Design Bracelet

Hand Stamped Pottery Design Bracelet

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Hand Stamping 

H~ 1.2 inch

W~ 76g 

925 sterling Silver

Wrist opening 2.6 inch 

The art of hand stamping is a timeless way of creating marks on the surface of the metal. These tools are usually made by the artist themselves to represent these symbols.  These tools mean something when making these marks and when you strike the metal. You only have one shot to make these marks. Any errors or miss hits will be shown on the surface of the metal when finished.

Patience and planning are very important. In the design of this bracelet style. These are unique symbols are often family designs handed down. The depth and how hard you hit are very important in the overall look and feel.

This bracelet uses an overlay design, which is an eastern woodland design, that is also seen throughout the world in various nations. This design is a weave design that that uses overlying lines to bring the bracelet to life. Many times these designs were adored on the top of pottery, along wood utensils, and many other cultural instruments to bring the power of this Great Law.

The bottom is stamped with a Custom made stamp uses the Chrisjohn name as its design. Repeatedly stamping this design brings more depth into these timeless pieces. We are proud of these designs, and we thank you for allowing us to share our stories with you through our jewelry. 

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